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from Andrea Meldrum Nice to meet you

Hey, Danny. Andrea, here. I met you at Metro beach earlier today. Great to meet you. I'll be browsing through your photos and I'll let you know if I want to buy any. By the way, pictures "spia1240" and "spia1241"...are those scaups? I saw those the other day and was not sure what they were. Happy photographing! Previous Response:
on November 28, 2014
 Andrea Thanks it was very nice talking to you. Sorry it took so long getting back to you. Yes you are correct they are Scalps or Bluebills. There a lots of ducks around. Send me your email address at and I'll up date you on where they are at and when I'm going and where I'll be. Your more then welcome to tag along. dress warm hand warmers are a must. Thanks again for looking. I'll post some new photo's soon, see ya 

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